How our star rating system works.
And how you earn more pay.

Apply for an initial star rating based on your skill, experience, and portfolio strength. Simply deliver great work to raise your star rating and pay rates.

Shoot for the stars.
Land an initial rating.


  • Application Review
  • Portfolio Review
  • Experience Review
  • Client Review
  • Needs Assessment


We hand-reviewed profile and portfolio samples to deeply assess your work, experience, and expertise. And we assign an initial star rating to get started quickly.

Rising stars.
Performance driven.


  • Client Reviews
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Delivery Performance
  • Verified Pay Rates
  • Account Activity


Our algorithm tracks your performance in the platform, triggering star rating reviews when you deliver amazing work and exceed client expectations on projects.

Falling stars.
Quality protection.


  • Poor Reviews
  • Dropped Orders
  • Refund Requests
  • Communication Alerts
  • Terms Violations


Patterns of dropped orders, poor reviews and project friction will trigger performance reviews to keep you on track and moving upward with your career and income.

Star rating reviews.
Pay rate adjustments.


  • Deliver Projects Timely
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Verify Pay Rates
  • Customer Reviews
  • Going the Extra Mile


Make the case for higher star ratings and pay rate ranges in a variety of ways including platform performance and new Verified Pay Rates with your clients outside the platform.

Higher quality. Higher pay.

You deserve better pay when you create content backed by years of experience and fine-tuned ability. And our star rating system ensures it. The higher your star rating, the higher rate per word you can expect, all backed by our algorithm that removes the guesswork.

Minimum Test Scores
Minimum Work Experience
Portfolio Strength
Timely Order Delivery
Minimum Quality Scores
Minimum Revision Requests
Average Quality Scores
Customer Endorsements
Strong Work Experience
Exceed Quality Scores
Written Customer Reviews
Editor's Pick Award

Frequently Asked Questions. Star ratings system.

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    How is talent rated?
    Talent is ranked from 2 to 6 stars, with a corresponding price per word. Our star ratings show your level of experience, skills, and proficiency.
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    What is per-word pricing?
    WriterAccess pricing is simple and transparent. Your star rating sets the per-word price you'll receive. Talent gets 70% of the order price.
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    How can I get help?
    We have an incredible community filled with talented writers who are quick to help. Check out our writer forum and join the conversation. Read the Getting Started Guide for quick tips and a rundown of the basic platform features. Reach out to the talent management team by opening a help desk ticket. We’ll point you in the right direction.
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    What are ratings based on?
    Ratings are based on initial screening tests, customer reviews and endorsements, and ongoing algorithmic scoring of performance on the platform.
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    Can talent gain or lose a star?
    Yes! Our algorithm continually scores talent wins and losses. Consistently good work is rewarded with an increase in star level, and any discrepancies have a negative impact on the star level.
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    What's the difference between a 2-star and 6-star writer?
    6-star writers demonstrate mastery of the language and typically have deep industry experience. 2-star writers meet the minimum requirement on our screening test and have a basic grasp of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

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